Cutting-edge masterbatch solutions from Greece

Established in 1970, PLASTIKA KRITIS is one of the leading European manufacturers of masterbatches and agricultural films, with state of the art technology and equipment, extensive know-how, a broad range of top quality products and marketing presence in over 60 countries around the world.

The company's main manufacturing facility in Iraklion-Crete is among the most modern in its field of activity. Production equipment is of the latest technology, with a very high degree of automation and on-line computer monitoring and control. Many of these specialized automation systems have been developed in-house by the company's engineering team. Computerized logistics systems making use of bar codes and robotics, permit the most efficient management of raw material & finished product stocks. A second plant, north of Athens, specializes in the production of filler masterbatches & garden furniture compounds.

PLASTIKA KRITIS also operates a sizeable plastics recycling unit for used agricultural and municipal scrap as well as a 12 MW wind-park in Crete for producing "green" electric power and ensuring the most competitive source of energy for its manufacturing activities.

The company has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999.

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